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Save Time & Headaches!
The office manager's #1 tool for preparing office and site duty schedules.

Looming deadline: The day is April 20th. Your May duty times need to be filled.
Problem: Everyone has a different request!
... I can't work on Tuesdays.
June... No Wednesdays, no Thursdays, no Friday mornings.
Mark... On the 2nd & 3rd Sundays, I'll be out of town.
Ann... On the 12th my mother is visiting - can't work.
Todd... No Saturday afternoons.
Nick... My boy's birthday is the 15th. Were going to the ball game.
John... Schedule me whenever, but no more than 9 times.
Carl... I can't work until after the 10th.
Lucy... I'm only available on the 1st, 2nd, 12th & 25th.
Sam... I can work anytime and anywhere.

Using Floor Schedule these assignments were ready in LESS THAN 10 MINUTES!

Once we started [using Floor Schedule] it immediately saved at least 3 hours in scheduling time. That's almost a FULL WORK WEEK in time we wasted by not using the program for a year. Thanks for your service... Robert Spillane, Broker/Manager Weichert Realtors - Union, NJ

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Create monthly duty schedules according to your instructions.

Up to sixteen agents per day for each site.

You determine who works when and which sites they work.

Synthesizes your requirements and instantly generates the best possible schedule.

Allows up to nine sites and assures that the same agent is never scheduled at different sites at the same time.

Allows for days off, holidays, and a maximum number of duty times per agent per month.

Saves you hours of tedious and agonizing decision making. Equally fair to all agents.

Allows you to assign individual agents to work only specific dates and times.

Gets the job done! Whether your a five person office or a 75 agent giant with multiple sites - FLOOR SCHEDULE can handle it all.

Try Floor Schedule today for free. No obligation!