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Please view the recent update history below to see if you need to update your copy of the Floor Schedule program.

To UPDATE simply download and install the Free Trial.

Your data and license file will not be overwritten. However, it is always prudent to save these files prior to an upgrade. To save these files select File | Backup on your Floor Schedule menu before installing the new Free Trial.

Click here -> Free Trial, to download and install the latest Floor Schedule program. If you have purchased and installed a license, this license will be retained. See 'License Update' for a more thorough explanation of how licensing works.

Floor Schedule update history:

March 10  2011
    Floor Schedule 2011 version 2.5.1. Major change. Four Periods in each day. Request off by the date OR the DAY OF THE WEEK.

December 19,  2008
    Floor Schedule 2008 version 1.1.0. Minor change. Even if no Site or Agent name has been entered, selecting the OK/EXIT button on the Site or Agent screen will cancel the edit and exit without requiring a name to be entered first.

November 25, 2008
    Floor Schedule 2008 version 1.0.0. This new version will not replace your 2002 version, so you may still run both from the same machine. This new version features built in PDF support; saves and displays printed schedule in PDF format.  Now you can email schedules using your preferred email client and save multiple generations of the schedule. Maximum number of agents has been increased from 99 to 150. Backup reminder displayed every 90 days. New help links on main menu.

October  22, 2008
    Floor Schedule version 1.7.2 maintenance release. VISTA ready. Fix applied to accommodate VISTA's date type.

March 15, 2005
    Floor Schedule version 1.7 release and maintenance release. Built in reminder to update license as needed. Minor bug fix 'Another Instance already running...".

September 20, 2004
    Floor Schedule 2002 version 1.6 release and maintenance release. No longer need to restart application after import for new data to be applied.

August 24, 2004
    Floor Schedule 2002 version 1.5 release and maintenance release. Manually assigned agents are no longer ONLY assigned to manual slots. They are also included in regular rotation. User is prompted with the data and license file backup tool when exiting the program. Team assignments bugs fixed.

February 9, 2004
    Floor Schedule 2002  version 1.4 release and maintenance release. 

April 04, 2003
    Floor Schedule 2002  version 1.3 release and maintenance release. More minor bug fixes.

March 12, 2003
    Floor Schedule 2002  version 1.2 release and maintenance release. Retrieve past schedule bug fix. minor message changes.

January 22, 2003
    Floor Schedule 2002  version 1.1 release and maintenance release. Bug fixes, minor changes. Multiple office schedules can be saved. 

November 19, 2002
    Floor Schedule 2002 version 1.0 release. Personal Calendar included. Allows for Times, Teams, Agent full names, data backup. Includes example schedules, improved calendar formatting and printing.

October 1997
    Floor Schedule, Windows version. 

November 1992
    Floor Schedule, DOS version.

This page was last updated: 03/31/11