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You are free to download the Floor Schedule program. The initial download includes a one month license so that you can try Floor Schedule before you buy additional months. We now have a newer version. Floor Schedule 2011. Floor Schedule 2008 is no longer supported.

Once you verify that Floor Schedule will be of help to you, you may purchase a one or two year license. Each license adds future months to your Floor Schedule program [you can always create schedules for past months]. A one year license (12 months) is only $79.00,  or about $6 per month!  A two year license (24 months) is an even better buy, at $129.00. All updates and support are free! 


License Expiration:

You can tell when your license expires by looking at the licensing period on the bottom right of your Floor Schedule's main screen. The Floor Schedule license is a one or two year license. You may install a new license at any time. Your new license will append itself onto your current license, extending the license period you already have.

Program updates and license updates are unrelated. You can always download the latest program version whether or not your license is current. The license determines which months you may generate a schedule for. It does not add to the program's function in any other way. 


Order you license from the License Menu within Floor Schedule 2011.


How can I tell what Floor Schedule version I have?

Start the program. If you do not see "Floor Schedule 2011 - version 3.1.0 12-24-2011"  on the opening screen then you do not have the latest version and you should upgrade.

To upgrade to the latest version:
Download and install the Free Trial. This will upgrade your version without overwriting any of your data  or your license.


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