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FAQ - Floor Schedule.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. Can I install Floor Schedule on more then one computer?

Licensing is by physical office.

You may have as many copies on different computers as you like for one license, as long as they are for the same physical office.

If one person prepares schedules for office A and another for office B, then they would need two licenses.

If two users take turns creating the schedule for the same office(s), or if a user wants a copy for home on his laptop and one at the office, then they will only need one license.

See Next Question for how to copy Floor Schedule to another computer.

Q. How do I move Floor Schedule to a new computer?

This will be easy for you. Use the backup feature. This will copy your data file and your license file to a floppy (or USB memory drive) for you, or wherever you want it. Then, download and install the Free Trial on your new computer. Now use the import feature to copy the data and license in. You will find these features under the File menu, top left. In Detail:

1. Start Floor Schedule on old machine.
2. Insert Floppy in drive a: (or USB memory drive)
3. Select File | Export (backup) and backup to floppy.
4. On New Machine, go to our web site and install the Free Trial (
5. Start then close Floor Schedule on the new machine.
6. Start Floor Schedule again on new machine.
7. Insert Floppy from old machine into drive a:
8. Select File | Import.
9. Exit and restart Floor Schedule on new machine.
10 Done!

How to do this manually:

If the above is not working for you then you may transfer the files manually. The files you need to move are 'Floor.mdb' and 'FSLic.lic'. These are found in the C:\FSWin08 ** directory. They may be manually copied from one computer to another. Copying these files to the new computer and into the directory of the same name from whence they were copied, C:\FSWin08 **, will copy your agent information and your license over to the new computer.

[** The previous version was placed in the C:\FSWin02 directory. If you are still using Floor Schedule 2002 look in this directory instead


Q. My Computer Crashed. How do I get Floor Schedule back?

Go to and download the Floor Schedule program.
Unfortunately, unless you backed up your license and data (File | Export) previously, you will need to reenter your site and agent data. If you did back it up then once you get the program installed you can use the import (File | Import) to bring your backed up data back in.


Q. Has my license expired? Do I need to update? Is my contract up? What is the license for?

Program updates and license updates are unrelated. You can always download the latest program version whether or not your license is current. The license determines which months you can generate a schedule for. It does not inhibit the program's function except in this regard.

If you are within two months of license expiration, The program will alert you with a pop up message. You can also check your license expiration date by: 

1. Looking to the lower right hand corner of the main Floor Schedule screen.
2. Selecting the 'Help | About' menu at the top of the Floor Schedule screen.

We will send an email whenever there is a program update. There is no requirement to update the program. You can download the latest program update whenever you like. Your current license will not be affected.  You may check for updates and review the program history by selecting the  'Latest Version' link on the left hand side of the home page,


Q. Error 1304. I get this error when I try to install / or run the program. What does this mean?

You must have administrative privileges to install the program. For Floor Schedule 2008, you also need to have administrative privileges to run the program. Ask your IT person to give you administrative privileges. With Floor Schedule 2011 (not yet released) you will not need administrative privileges to run the program.


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