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Floor Schedule Web

Take the stress out of scheduling! Automatic floor scheduling for the real estate office. Also known as Duty Time, Phone Time, Opportunity time, or Floor Duty. This application takes the headache out of this difficult task. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Pure cloud computing. $16.00/month or $168/year ($14/month prepaid) license includes full support and all upgrades.

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Floor Schedule (Desktop)

The original desktop version of Floor Schedule. $99.00/year license, $69.00/six months.

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Fair Schedule (Web)

A general industry version of Floor Schedule Web. Works with any business that includes shifts that need to be filled fairly and evenly among all participants. Examples include Auto Dealership Salespersons, Volunteers, Health and Nursing staff, Museums. Automatically creates fair schedules while honoring individual needs. Free to try. No obligation. $16.00/month or $168/year ($14/month prepaid) license includes full support and all upgrades.

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My Data Guard (Desktop)

Passwords (and any other personal data) safely encrypted on your machine - not on the internet! One click access, always available. Works in the office: Leave your desk knowing your private information remains private. Works at Home: Keep credit card, passwords, bank account info, safe from prying eyes! $9.95/year or $29.95 for a lifetime license.

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Floor For Windows

A terrific program for agent floor scheduling used by hundreds. Unfortunately, this program has been retired and is no longer available. Although we are not affiliated with the authoring company, General Entropy Software, we did reach an agreement with them to help users of Floor for Windows find an alternative to help them with their Floor duty scheduling. Our top pick is Floor Schedule Web. Another option is Floor Schedule Desktop, our own legacy program for scheduling agents. Both of these programs are described in more detail above. Both are free to try!